Games and computer language

Game language
The words what we have learnt while playing computer game.
Play, start, began, win, winner, finish, let's go, run, ready, exelent, coins, points, level, score, loose, bad, level up, game over, the best, right, left, jump. race, cars, change, challenge, color, money, free, time, time out,
Computer language
The words from the internet and other devices.

Desktop, pictures, download, documents, calendar, data, open, close, shut down, sleep, restart, lock, log off, programs, internet, connection, volume, follow, unfollow, friend, unfriend, message, notification, new, window, post, share, comment, games, chat conversation, music, control panel, security, password, help, support, search, button, like, home, see more, read, groups, pages, events, live, videos, timeline, direct, translate, website, blog, start, book, drive, folder, presentation, film, watch, continue, listen, create, personal, file, close, update, keyboard, loading, veiw, review, zoom in, zoom out, printers, history, edit, settings, mail, technology, bookmarks, recycle bin, apps.

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